About Us



An LA born brand with a London home, Reframed makes jewellery for the global woman who lives boldly, who knows who they are and who has that rare quality – an intrinsic sense of style.

Founded by jewellery designer, gemologist and diamond specialist Kinda Baasiri-Mouawad, each piece reflects Baasiri-Mouawad’s fascination with the inherent beauty of diamonds. Synonymous for the use of the finest quality diamonds and its assertive, dynamic designs, Reframed jewellery is a celebration of bravery, confidence and unbridled desires.

Having been brought up in Paris and across Europe, Baasiri-Mouawad has lived in Dubai, New York, London, Antwerp and Los Angeles, allowing her a wide frame of reference to create an internationally relevant jewellery brand.

Combining rock and roll chic with elegant diamonds, directional settings with daring design features, Reframed interprets individuality as the strength of your character, and the courage it takes to reach for your dreams.

Each design offers a fierce sense of individuality and celebrates the possibilities that are always within our reach.